Viral Video Marketing: Ensuring You Get The Most Of Your Business

If you will think about it, have you already tried considering using viral video marketing for your business? This marketing strategy has been proven effective in helping business owners promote their brands.

Here are just a few tips that you can start with to guarantee viewership for your videos:

Get Oodles Of Views

This should be your number one concern if you are really serious about getting your customers’ interests. In case you do not know, a video can actually be viewed 100, 000 times in just one day especially if you will upload your videos in the most popular video sharing host such as YouTube, comScore and Video Metrix.

Why settle for the expensive advertising and marketing campaigns for your business when you can do it by simply opting for the viral video marketing strategy. Such technique has been proven to work effectively for a lot of online business owners. All you need to do is capture target market and you will just get surprised by how your videos can just go viral.

Techniques In Going Viral

To achieve 100,000 up to 1.5 million views everyday is not a simple job to pull off. That is why you will need to discover the secrets to how your videos can go viral and effectively translate such viewership into sales.

First, make concise videos of about 10 to 20 seconds short only. You do not need to have very techie video cameras. All you will have to ensure is that the digital camera you are going to use has very good resolution; that is, it has higher mega pixels.

Create Concise Videos

What is more, remember that viral video marketing is not only all about getting good content. It actually entails interplay of different factors such as ensuring that the videos you create are concise of about 10 to 20 seconds short each.

Also, you should come up with videos that are easy to chew – not the type wherein your viewers will still need to ponder on your message.

Last but not least, remember that it would not be good to make your videos look like they are infomercials or else your viewers might get turned off with the hard sell. Make sure that every viewer who will attempt to watch your video will eventually share it to his friends and family; thereby, making it an effective viral video. That way, you enhance your customers’ awareness of the product and boost your sales.

Cee J. Fuerte is a Freelance Writer, Personal and Career Development Coach, Lifestyle Blogger and Online Entrepreneur. Among her interests is on online video marketing. She gets tutorials, tips and techniques from http://gideonshalwick.com and http://www.rapidvideoblogging.com

Europe Goes Viral?
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Image by HammerIntoAnvil
I spotted several of these around Brussels since I arrived. I wonder who made them?

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