Viral Marketing Campaigns Is Advertising On Steroids. Here Is Why

So just what is a Viral Marketing Definition?

It’s really just a method to get your information out to as many people as possible by word of mouth. In other words the idea is to spread your message much like a real virus would spread.

Catching the virus in this case is usually can be a good thing; in this context it’s prospects becoming aware of your stuff and your campaign.

Now the actual message can be in many formats, video,email, podcast, whatever. The idea is to convince potential prospects who already have your information to spread it to people they know, exponentially increasing the number of people who find your information. First, let me make it perfectly clear that I am not talking about sending Spam out to millions of people.

Apart from the legalities of doing this, spamming is just dumb, because it’s not wanted, and even if it happens to be read it’s clear that going to spread is it? After all if it makes it past the spam folders and actually makes it into someones Inbox, it’s just going to get deleted with haste when and if it is read.

Here we go with what seems the topical phrase of many articles relevant useful content is the key. Giving value to visitors is the key.

So how do we get people to do your work for you? How do you get them to do that? Spread your viral stuff that is.

First things first, it really needs to be something relevant and useful.

In other words it has to have perceived value. The visitor who has received your message has to fully believe it will give value to someone else otherwise they won’t pass it on to anyone else.

A major thing I have found in this industry is almighty power of joint ventures. It’s a lot easier to get your message out to the masses if you have friends in the industry with large lists of their own.

Let’s say you have released a new e-Book. You currently have a mailing list of 2000 prospects who have expressed an interest or actually purchased something from you in the past.

Your product would be of course in a related niche so you feel sure you can generate some interest in it from your readers so that is the first place to attack.

You will probably find that some of your list will send the offer to their family if they think it’s valueable.

Ahhh the power of word of mouth advertising, Can there be any more powerful force in marketing then getting your customers telling their family how cool, hip and fantastic you and your products are? This is a viral marketing campaign in full swing.

If you can get list members telling their friends about your products and then once they sign up and then tell their friends can you can see that it will take very little time at all to have a huge response to your sales message.

You’ll be needing to buy new servers for your website because the old one has blown up with massive web traffic you have received.

Take the time to learn more about viral advertising. I am sure that you will greatly benefit from using these techniques in your internet marketing.

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Ochre Jelly 2011: Year in review
going viral
Image by Ochre Jelly
Last year I created a grid to catalogue all my 2010 creations, so I thought I’d do the same for 2011 too.

This year saw a smaller number of creations, but they were typically much larger, including further work on my new 12" character scale, as well as multiple dioramas for the Pythonscape project. In 2012, I hope to focus more heavily on 12" models, and less on miniland scale.

I got a lot of love from people for my recent Freddie Mercury creation. Thankyou! Based on traffic reported by sites such as imgur.com, this model was seen by at least a million people over the Thanksgiving holiday! This also led to a burst of UK press coverage of my work too, some of which almost made sense!

The unexpected virality of the Freddie model made me wonder if we might all now finally be able to forget about Lego Stephen Hawking. Except that he continues to remain popular and crop up in some unexpected places, including a German bioscience journal! In fact, the only MOC that gave Freddie and Stephen a real run for their money this year was Miyazakitopia, which seemed to go randomly viral in the Far East about 3 times this year. I guess it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

I don’t have the energy to tally the kind of ‘stats’ that I reported last year. So instead I’ll just list the memorable one-offs: one BrickJournal Article; one Steampunk convention; one videogame appearance (allegedly!); one rebooted blog; one beard; one ton of new NanoBlock; one Lego store display; and one Lego porno shoot (…a long sad story, to be revealed in January!)

Hoping that Santa brings all you boys and girls the Lego you desire this Christmas, and that you have a prosperous 2012 that does not end in a giant firey apocalypse!

Free Kodak!
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