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One merit which a website must possess to lead the race in the unforgiving rivarly of a web based business is creativity. Considering the sheer amount of competitors as well as rivalry occurring, each method of marketing must be instituted and used. It does not matter if you have a killer product or a fantastically conceived site, if individuals don’t know that you exist, it doesn’t matter, and you are not going to make it big, and in the worst case scenario, the company could simply disappear.

Though there’s a number of methods as well as plans utilized by e-commerce sites today, there are still some of these which may help you with an extra rise in the popularity ratings and one of these is the so called Viral Marketing. While the phrase ‘Viral’ usually depicts a virus, a word quite feared by any PC owners, it is not at all it appears as you don’t actually utilize a PC virus to increase your business.

Viral Marketing Overview: Viral Marketing also known otherwise as Viral Advertising is a promotional method utilized to build the public’s knowledge of your product or company. These utilize a number of types of media to get the attention of the public without actually advertising their product, in such a way which can get a person interested or amused to a point where they genuinely tell others, alongside the product or company promotion with it.

Viral marketing has become a frequent method of advertising due to the generally low expense. To avoid being tagged as spam mail, viral marketing depends upon the willingness of a person to spread the product to someone else, and if this person reads the name of the person they recognize as the sender, they won’t block that message and open it. A number of companies offer incentives such as discounts or rebates when they help to spread the products or services this way. They rely upon the number of receivers a viral marketing receives from a single individual in deciding the number of inducements which they could be accredited with.

The main and foremost advantage is that you get a lot of recognition and public awareness regarding the website as well as the organization, creating a stream of traffic which could be possible consumers. Using a bit of ingenuity and imagination, in addition to some enticements or rewards, you’ll be able to reach a huge number of the public and announce your existence.

Most businesses are catching on to the efficiency of Viral Marketing and promotion. Failure to utilize it could kill your business, actually, along with other plans as well as techniques for promoting your site, like Search Engine Optimization and such, viral marketing could easily throw you in the lead as far as ratings are concerned.

A large number of big companies have tried viral marketing and have reported numerous successes with it, with a classic archetype being Microsoft’s Hotmail. Microsoft was the original noted large company to utilize the plan and as such it has brought them prosperity. Now it is your time to use this system, so get on it and enjoy the advantages Viral Marketing will provide for you and your profits.

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223/365 and 11 Greatest Viral Videos of All Time
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Image by ShutterRunner
NOTE: I use flickr’s API to post from my blog to flickr automatically. You can’t embed videos on a flickr picture page but I figured I would leave this up for debate anyway. To watch all the videos check out this post on my blog:


Yesterday I read one of my fellow photobloggers (phloggers if you will) post about rules for maintaining a photoblog. One of his first points was to stick to discussing only photography on the blog. Well, today I am going to do just the opposite. I am huge fan of the internet and it’s memes. I think it is something that defines our generation. So today, in addition to the above HDR photograph of Strangers Home MB Church in Cabrini Green, I bring you my list of the Top 11 Greatest Viral Videos of al time. Please note that these are based on MY opinion only.

11. Charlie Bit My Finger
Cute kid + british accent = 205 million views on youtube!

10. Numa Numa
I bet more people could name this kid (Gary Brolsma) than the Prime Minister of Canada (Stephen Harper – I had to look this up).

9. Star Wars Kid
I think a lot of people would put this kid in the top slot. His Wikipedia page is an interesting read too. He filed a 0K lawsuit against his classmates, and it’s estimated that the video has been viewed almost a billion times.

8. Grape Stomper
Live TV + Fat Lady + The weirdest screaming you’ve ever heard = a good laugh.

7. Chris Crocker
This one speaks for itself, I actually don’t find it funny but disturbing… and hilarious.

6. Lions Reunited on the View with Barbara Walters
The first non-comic video on my list. In my defense, I have a soft spot for felines.

5. Chocolate Rain
There is a lot that makes this movie so epic.
1)The lighting, what is up with the lighting that makes it look like it was shot in the 70s?
2)The whole I move away from the mic to breathe thing.
3)The awesomeness of the song.
4)Tay Zonday’s glasses.
5)Tay Zonday’s voice.

4. David After Dentist
Is this real life?

3. Smosh – Pokemon Theme Song
For a long time this was the most viewed video on youtube. Then it was taken down due to a copyright claim.

2. Dramatic Prairie Dog
6 seconds of greatness.

1. Free Hugs
No way, they didn’t just ban those hugs! Yes, start a petition! 10,000 signatures! MORE FREE HUGS!!!

Honorable Mention (Just to prove I’ve seen them all):
Sneezing Panda
Charlie The Unicorn
JK Wedding Entrance
Susan Boyle
Miss Teen South Carolina
Dick In A Box
Daft Hands
Dancing Baby
Leeroy Jenkins
Evolution of Dance
Tunak Tunak Tun
My New Haircut
McDonald’s Rap

From the photoblog at www.shutterrunner.com.

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