Viral Magic Review: Can It Help Your MLM Business?

David Wood, Kenny Gregg and Jim Chao have teamed up to create Viral magic. This training program combines Kenny Gregg’s SEO and blogging techniques with David’s article marketing technique and Jim Chao’s keywords and Facebook tips. You work hard for your money, is Viral magic worth it? We are going to review three parts of the program.

Viral magic can help set-up your blog correctly. Have a blog is good, but having it set-up for search engine optimizatin is what the first module of Viral Magic is about. Social Marketing Expert, Kenny Gregg, begins with the proper construction of your blog. Installing your blog, WordPress in this example, on your own hosted server and choosing a Theme is where he starts. Once that is done Kenny recoomends plugins that all blogs should have that can make your blog noticed by the search engines. Kenny recommends MyBlogLog, Sociable & Google Analytics as 3 plugins that should be installed. Whether you a new or a experienced blogger this module will help you enhance your efforts.

Keyword research is the beginning of any marketing campaign you want to be Jim Chao explains in the next module how to do keywords research and focus on less competitive keywords. Jim’s suggest that you focus on keywords that have less competition in the beginning. It takes time to rank for competitive keywords and you should not start with these words. Working with less competitive keywords is easier to rank for them and you can always expand into more competitive words later. If a keywords has more than 500,000 pages in any search then move on.

Learn techniques to write articles effectively. The 3rd module we will look at features David Wood and his article marketing techniques. David’s module starts with the very basic process of writing articles and a compelling title. The reader of the article needs to click on the article based on the title and if it doesn’t grab them, then the content means nothing. A good technique presented is starting with your keyword first, since Google reads left to right. Your resource box is a critical aspect of your marketing that David points out. It is here that you use your keyword combined with an offer to the reader. You must give your reader a compelling reason to click on your link and learn more. Writing a compelling and interesting resource box will improve your click through rate from the article. Another reason for the resource box is provide backlinks to your website where the article is posted as you post them on other article directories. Backlinks are a great way to improve your ranking in the search engines.

Viral Magic, developed by Kenny Greg, Jim Chao and David Wood does deliver on its goal for educating its students who want grow their MLM business through SEO and article marketing. While we looked at three of the most important modules, there are other modules that you will learn from aslo. They include creating videos, promoting your articles and content and how to increase your conversion once they get to your landing page. Viral Magic has something for everyone regardless of your experience.

Viral Magic can help your MLM business by helping you tweak your blog, lead conversion and article writing. If you want to learn a simple step by step formula that will help you create your own online Viral Magic visit our website MLM Training

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Image by USFWS Mountain Prairie
One in a series of seven photos:

The National Elk Refuge Outdoor Recreation Planner witnessed a spectacular standoff between two juvenile mountain lions and five coyotes. The coyotes let the cats know they weren’t welcome in the area. The mountain lions sought safety on a buck and rail fence for over an hour while the coyotes lurked in the background.

Credit: Lori Iverson / USFWS

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Update: For those of you concerned about the welfare of the lions, check out our follow-up post that indicated that the cubs were spotted, alive and well, with their mother the following day: on.fb.me/1vlwQgM.

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