Viral Content Magic ~ An Insider Sneak Peak

Viral Content Magic the all in one professional marketers tool.

“Viral Content Magic” gives you the entire package you need to set up your blog and the tricks to steer traffic to you.

You recognize the buzz words!

Go VIRAL! Generate a following on Twitter! Create your own brand

There is no scarcity of beneficial tools and resources to propell your online business.

As an insider who used “Viral Content Magic” to set up my blog and my 90-day marketing road map I know I got more than my money’s worth.

Viral Content Magic is a step-by-step video tutorial on everything from setting up your blog to generating traffic day after dayand more.

This resource was uniquely designed and inspired through team work. Three keyleaders in the industry pooled their thoughts and resources to pass on their success tips, Kenny Gregg, David Wood, and Jim Chao.

Each of them brought numerous skill sets to the table. Each found a winning strategy with their own techniques. When you learn from all thee men, you will have SUCCESS!

Quite frankly it is attraction marketing at its’ finest. They understand that working together brings the best out of everyone to move our industry to the next level.

Within VCM there are 10 modules each essential aspects of every marketing campaign. In every module is a series of videos intended to guide the novice marketer to pro status.

Here’s a glance at the content.

Just to name the high lights.

· Traffic Generation And Content Creation
· Methods To Drive Traffic (Free)
· Blogging Basics And Set up (Plugg Ins, Security Settings, Opt In Boxes, Banners, Customization) and more
· SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Secrets
· Video Tricks
· Key Word Research
· Article Writing Basics
· Video Creation, Best Practices, Editing And MORE
· Massive Traffic – More Promotion Tips
· Increasing Conversions
· Advanced Strategies – Fueling Your MLM

You can start off with zero information and sail through to leadership status. There is plenty here even for the passionate Internet Marketer.

So, what’s the price?

Viral_Content_Magic is $ 497.00 for a lifetime subscription. It’s an article marketers dream strategy. Nothing stays the same on the Internet. Recurring updates will keep you at the top of your game.

Your initial thought may be,’Too expensive!’ However, the fact of the matter is you can pay monthly fees and really run up your cost somehere else or pay someong $ 1500 to $ 3000 to set up your site and then you still have to learn how to market! Which is cheaper? Which sets you up with leadership skills.

I met these guys in my Mastermind Marketing Community. They’ve been stand up players all the way. Their free material to our inner community has demonstrated their professionalism and loyalty to our industry.

I know your goal is to make money not spend it. But WISE investments can go a long way to help you grow your business.

I know first hand what it is like wonder how you are going to pay Peter without robbing Paul. The ‘teacher’ in me also knows the power of k

If you do not possess the skills listed above it is time to invest in yourself!

If you are spinning your wheels listening to your upline it’s time to get off that horse and ride a stallion to the finish line.

P.S. You can take Laura’s FREE MLM-Boot Camp to complement the Viral Content Magic course.

Check out Viral Content Magic on my BLOG at: http://MLM-WealthBuilders.com!!

Jeep owner gets last laugh over Corvette parking job
going viral
Image by dfirecop
A New Jersey man got the last laugh over a Corvette’s horrendous parking job.
The sports car was taking up two spots outside a Red Robin restaurant.
Rather than parking in the back of the crowded lot, Kyle DeMattia, 20, pulled his Jeep partially onto the sidewalk, with the rest of his vehicle sharing a spot with the Corvette.
"The parking lot was packed except for a few spaces at the back and I could see people parking and walking by it in just plain annoyance." DeMattia told NJ Advance Media.
Once inside, DeMattia filmed the Corvette driver’s reaction.
He then posted the video to YouTube, where it’s gone viral with more than 1.5 million views.
"I just did enough to make him think some kid in a Jeep came and messed with his mid-life crisis mobile," DeMattia said.
Once the Corvette driver left, DeMattia went out and moved his Jeep into the proper parking spot.
From WGAL NBC News Channel 8, Lancaster, PA.

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