Two Types of Internet Viral Marketing

For most people, the thought of a virus is something detestable to them and if they hear that somebody has a virus, they will do their best to avoid them out of fear of catching it themselves. In the webmaster community, however, something that is viral is considered to be a good thing, and if one of your websites happens to go viral, you will be a very happy person, indeed. What exactly is Internet viral marketing and how can you take advantage of it?

Just as a virus is passed from person to person, Internet viral marketing also has to do with something being passed from person to person. The real difference is that instead of it being passed through the air, it is passed through e-mail or even word-of-mouth. It is a free type of marketing that can result in an avalanche of traffic to your website overnight. Many webmasters have begun to take advantage of this type of marketing, and if it is done properly it can work for years to come. There are several different ways that this can be done but we are now going to discuss two different types of Internet viral marketing and how you can take advantage of it, beginning today.

The Internet is a constantly changing animal and in recent years, video has become a very important part of it. With more and more people having access to a faster Internet connections, these larger files become less of an issue. You can take advantage of this by starting a viral video campaign, one that will result in a lot of traffic to your websites. The only thing that you need is an idea which will attract people to the video naturally.

Try to center the theme of the video so that it will be appreciated by your target audience. Stepping outside of this boundary will simply result in a lot of untargeted traffic. Make sure that you include your URL at the beginning and end of the video, and you would be surprised with the number of people who will visit by typing the URL into their browser. Upload your video to different Web 2.0 websites, such as youtube.

Another type of Internet viral marketing is information marketing through e-books. If you offer a free e-book to your target audience and provide them with excellent information, you would be surprised with how quickly it will be passed around. The beauty of Internet viral marketing with e-books is that your links can easily be embedded directly into the product that is being passed around.

One of the best parts about Internet viral marketing is the fact that if one of your effort fails, you can simply try again. Once you get the hang of it, it will become a constant stream of traffic and some viral campaigns will last for years. All that is really necessary for you to do at that point is to sit back and enjoy the traffic, or begin planning your next viral campaign.

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