Pushing Your Brand With Viral Marketing

The term viral marketing is one that a newer Internet promoter may not have heard. Viral marketing refers to the use of people to pass on the information about a business, product or service in hopes of quickly building a brand name. The brand name can also be called the “household name”.

Take the YouTube video, for instance. There are many videos posted on YouTube that receive a million hits within the first day of being published. What makes this video so important that a million people want to watch? A better question may be, how did these million people find out about this one video? The answer is viral marketing.

Using Viral Marketing in Business

The major businesses of the world understand the power of viral marketing very well. Commercials are the original source of viral marketing. When a person sees a commercial that they enjoy, they talk to their friends or family members about that commercial. Maybe it was funny or strikingly important, but the message was presented in a manner that created a need to pass that information on.

Moving into the world of E-Commerce, the business can utilize more than just a video to establish a viral marketing campaign. Flash games, news stories, free downloads or the ever present funny video are all great ways to establish a viral marketing campaign that works for your business.

Creativity is a Must

Unfortunately, not every business is outfitted with a keyword focus or content that can use the funny video to promote their website, or so they think. Information passed on in a comical way can create the gossip stream needed to boost traffic and establish virility. Take SEO, for instance, a YouTube search for SEO will bring about a huge list of videos that are business oriented and professional. But, there will also be an SEO rapper that can be found.

This SEO rapper has taken the most important information about Internet marketing and SEO and placed them over a great beat. The result is an interesting lesson on business that has the potential to become viral.

Publicity Rules on the WWW

Just because your website offers the BEST information on the Internet, the BEST product for the consumer or the BEST service available at a value price, does not mean one person is going to know who you are over another more viral website. The celebrity news is a great analogy.

Just because a celebrity is in the news today for some weird or exciting antic, does not mean they will be in the news tomorrow. The same people who rule the popularity of one celebrity story over another are the people who push viral to the extreme. Tapping into the viral market is like finding a pot of gold, but that does not mean the process stops there.

The viral gold mine is one that requires constant feeding. Before starting out with a series of funny videos or the creation of a flash game, always have the next viral tactic planned out. Once your hit the big stage, the visitor will want more and making them wait too long will push your website into the “old news” category.

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