My Road Too IM Freedom With Viral Traffic Optimizer

I have been involved in the world of internet marketing for some time now as I can speak from experience when I say that getting started and your foot in the door so to speak can be an extremely difficult task. When I was first starting out it got to a stage when I though success was something that I was never going to see, especially to the levels that I have seen now.

Often when people are first starting out they get trapped in something called shiny object syndrome which is basically where they skip from one great looking product to the next. I was no exception to this as I used to see all of these great looking sales pages with all of these huge claims that I am sure you are all so used to seeing and I used to get sucked right in. 99% of the time these products would seriously suck but hey it wasn’t the money for the course that bothered me as most of them are $ 50 maximum and there is always a refund offered but the one thing that annoyed me more was the fact that I had to waste my precious time finding out that these courses were junk. My time is not refundable and it is something I will never get back.

One day after wasting so much of my time on these crappy courses I decided to make my last internet marketing product purchase, I purchased a product called Viral Traffic Optimizer. I told myself that I had one more chance, one more opportunity to make this work and this was going to be it. I had done a bit of social media marketing before using the likes of Twitter and Facebook but I had not really gone into the viral side of things.

Viral Traffic Optimizer is created by a marketer called Dan Brock and I managed to get my hands on it while it was in pre launch at the Warrior Forum. I was maybe a little sceptical when I first purchased the course as I had seen some of Dan’s products before and a lot of them had seemed great but the one thing I did notice was that his support was often somewhat lacking.

It is now 6 months since I bought Viral Traffic Optimizer and my viral marketing has reached awesome new heights that not very long ago I had thought impossible.

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