Merits of Viral Restaurant Marketing

Everyone knows what viral marketing is. Everyone uses it at some point and, even if businesses don’t specifically go into a viral marketing campaign, the customers themselves facilitate viral marketing in behalf of the restaurant.

Viral marketing is very important to a business, especially restaurants. This is because viral marketing involves word-of-mouth, and restaurants are one of those few businesses that are dependent on customers’ opinions in order to bring themselves forward.

What are the advantages of viral marketing over other marketing techniques?

It Is Inexpensive

Viral marketing does not require any expense of some sort. You don’t have spend too much on it. For example, if you’re taking advantage of the Internet to conduct a viral marketing campaign, the only expense you’d be recording is your Internet access as well as paying the person who’s doing the campaign for you.

It Is Very Effective

People rely on testimonials greatly in order to shape their own decisions whether or not to experience the offerings of your restaurant. Viral marketing takes advantage of that by spreading the word about your restaurant. You can accomplish that by giving quality service to your customers, who in turn will tell their friends, family and contacts about your restaurant.

It Is Fairly Simple and Easy to Do

There are no complicated strategies that come with viral marketing. All you need to do is provide the proper jump-start and the chain reaction will start from there. Viral marketing can also be facilitated both offline and online.

With those points represented, certainly by now you would have grasped the importance and effectiveness of viral marketing in your advertising campaign for your restaurant. The next thing you’d want to know is, how do you start a viral marketing campaign for your restaurant?

Here are some ways that you could start a viral marketing campaign.


The social networking capability of the World Wide Web is remarkable, and very ideal for viral marketing. You can easily conduct a viral marketing campaign in the World Wide Web by just having a username to any of the restaurant-related forums and by maintaining blogs with content related to your restaurant business.

One advantage of online viral marketing compared to offline methods is the wide range of audiences that it can reach. You’d never know where your marketing campaigns lead to as people of all nationalities browse the Internet everyday. You might find a foreigner being aware of your restaurant visiting it on his trip to your area.


Offline viral marketing is a bit more difficult to do. Unlike online viral marketing which is based on curiosity alone to attract new customers, offline viral marketing hinges on the actual performance of your restaurant. In order for your offline viral marketing campaign to be effective, you must do your utmost to satisfy your customers so that your campaign is going uphill, and not on a downslide.

You can also give out flyers and calling cards, and post ads in a newspaper to spread the word about your restaurant business.

Jon Orana is the President and Founder of EffiStrat Inc., an Internet marketing company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He’s been helping local and small business owners to succeed online since 1999 and is now serving independent and local restaurant owners to find new customers and to increase repeat business. Check his blog for more restaurant marketing tips.

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