Know About The 2 Kinds Of Viral Marketing Techniques

There are 2 kinds of viral marketing techniques being used today. The first involves the product itself and a self-amplifying cycle. For example, sites like You tube and Hot mail are important for many users because of the service they provide. They don’t need other tools to get the word out about their product.

We are more familiar with the second kind of viral marketing which involves the distribution of videos, podcast and rebrandable ebooks. It involves an internet marketing campaign which spreads but isn?t the product itself. Its goal is to get as many people to view videos or download podcasts and ebooks hoping that people will want for more.

The second kind of viral marketing is more commonly known as the word-of-mouse which is equivalent to the word-of-mouth of traditional marketing. It is an internet marketing campaign which spreads but it isn’t the product itself. In this case, marketers use media such as videos, audio and re brandable e-books to promote their cause.

At present, when we talk about viral marketing, we mean 4 things: It involves free content which can be downloaded for free.Online businesses use a list building software to contact their customers directly and inform them of the latest news and offers.The free content you offer is available in a small file which can be sent as email to family and friends and it is received, read or watched by several people who then pass it to their family and friends, allowing it to spread like a virus.

All these four elements explain the use of the term ‘viral’ but not the ‘marketing’ part. How do you know that the 30,000 people who downloaded your re brandable e- books will bring refer it to their family and friends? How do you ensure that they will visit your site?

Downloading rebrandable ebooks may save you time in creating content for distribution but you have to ask yourself, ?Does the ebook contain information that?s valuable for my customers? Is it well written? Will it help me to spread my message? Etc??

The most important element of viral marketing is that it has to be built in with the product or service you are offering. It has to be something that’s valuable to both your customers and potential clients. If you create an e book or video that’s purely about your home based business, then it’s definitely not going to work. Self promotion rarely works, especially when we are talking about an online business.

The hard thing about viral marketing is creating something of value. You have to look at the product which you are going to market and determine its strengths and weaknesses. When you focus on marketing, you should also try to improve your product or service so you can better address the needs of your clients. Viral marketing is not just claiming that you are the best in the market, but rather, proving to your clients that you are dedicated to giving them the best product or service.

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