Key Ingredients to Creating a Viral Product

I created my first viral product by accident several years ago. I wrote a simple e-book describing how to set up an online business. The e-book is “Virtual Vending Machines”.

I offered the book with resale rights, meaning that anyone that purchased the book could also sell it and keep all the profits. However, I put a small announcement in the book stating that I would gladly set up their website to sell “Virtual Vending Machines” for a fee. To this day I still make money from that link! Yet, I’ve never had to do anything else to get those customers.

Now, if only I had known then what I know now I could be profiting even more!

So, how do you a create a viral marketing product?

We are going to focus on a very specific type of viral marketing tool – informational products. This course is a prime example. Think of some piece of information that the people you are trying to attract would be interested in.

Let’s assume, for example, that you are selling diet pills. Your goal is to get people to visit your website, possibly sign up for your mailing list, and (of course) buy your products.

So, you are going to write a brief report that would interest people trying to lose weight. This might include some recipes, a workout plan, and even some other helpful guidelines. You need to give your report a great, attention-getting title like The Incredible 7-Day Weight Loss Plan.

When you write your report you need to put several things into the report.

First, you are going to need to include links to your website. These should be links to additional information, or, if you talk about your product, they could be links to that product. Links to other recipes or videos demonstrating the workout routine would also work. This gets people to your website. You could also add a link for people to sign up for your newsletter or even a brief email course of some sort (this gets people on your list).

These links could also be to related products – products from other people that offer an affiliate program. Simply sign up for their affiliate program and include that link in report.

Next, you’ll want to give people an incentive to pass along (or even sell) your report. Here are some good ways to get people pass along your report:

1. Allow people to sell your report and keep all the profits.

2. If you have an affiliate program you can let people customize your report with their affiliate links. That way they will earn a profit on each sale you make.

3. Customize a copy of the report with a name or website name so that the report is “sponsored by” the person giving it away.

Now that you’ve got an idea for your product, you actually need to produce it.

By far, the fastest and easiest way to get your Viral Marketing program off the ground is to create a PDF. Simply type up your report in your favorite word processor. Then, you can use a product like PDF995 to turn it into a PDF file. The software is completely free and it’s easy to use. Be sure to get the PDF Edit program as well so you can add hyperlinks to your PDF.

Creating a viral product can be one of the best, and least expensive, forms of advertising your website. With nothing more than a word processor and some informative information about the product or service you offer you can quickly create your own viral marketing success story.

James Pearson is the author and creator of many viral marketing products. Get a free copy of his viral ebook and newsletter at http://www.viralmarketingunleashed.com and learn how to automate your marketing and income.

Feeling Unwelcome
going viral
Image by USFWS Mountain Prairie
One in a series of seven photos:

The National Elk Refuge’s Outdoor Recreation Planner witnessed a spectacular standoff between two juvenile mountain lions and five coyotes. The coyotes let the cats know they weren’t welcome in the area. The mountain lions sought safety on a buck and rail fence for over an hour while the coyotes lurked in the background.

The coyotes become more aggressive as one of the mountain lions moves down the fenceline.

Credit: Lori Iverson / USFWS

This photo series has gone viral! Join the discussion on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=595246397154972&set=a…

Update: For those of you concerned about the welfare of the lions, check out our follow-up post that indicated that the cubs were spotted, alive and well, with their mother the following day: on.fb.me/1vlwQgM.

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