How Will Viral Video Seeding And Paid Video Views Assist With Marketing Career?

If you are in the midst of trying to get a marketing campaign off the ground, why not consider utilizing viral video seeding and paid video views? Viral videos give you the option to inform others about your company, people react better to visual campaigns than simple campaigns that they have to read through.

There are several different things that you need to pay attention to when beginning a video campaign. Remember the old adage about content being king when it comes to the internet, well this adage actually still sticks for viral video campaigns as well.

If you are not advertising on your video campaign in the means necessary to attract people that may show an avid interest in what you are presently offering, then in many ways you are selling yourself short of obtaining a substantially nice even flow of traffic to your website. You need to focus on the message that you are trying to get out with your campaign.

A lot of marketers when they are opting to use video campaigns tend to forget about conveying a particular message through this campaign. However, regardless of how silly you make yourself look, consumers are not going to understand the purpose of your campaign without a strong message behind it.

It is imperative to steer clear from viral video seeder providers that offer their services for free. Even though, a lot of people are generally trying to make money at first with their viral seeding videos, when you opt to go through a free service you may not obtain the same benefits you would have gotten if you would have simply paid for video views.

There are millions, probably billions of people that utilize the internet for one thing or another. Aside from the internet users there are even more videos that are live on the internet that will probably never get out to the right consumer market. Paid video views help ensure that your targeted market will be able to see your videos.

Organic seeding is another word for free seeding. Remember that with marketing you have to be wise in the choices that you make. Plus, you need to be able to invest in your marketing endeavors in order to reach the monetary peak that you have set out for yourself.

Viral video has taken over the face of the internet in a large way. There are plethoras of people that utilize videos for all of their campaigns in opposition to other types of advertising efforts that are available.

The point is that when you obtain paid video views you can ensure that your video was not just a waste of your time to make. The old adage regarding how it takes money to make money in marketing is true. There are a lot of people that are proving this statement again and again.

Viral videos are a great thing that the internet has implemented. These videos can work on the behalf of marketers around the world, but remember in order for the videos to work for you, you need to evaluate your paid view choices and finally get your site the recognition that it deserves.

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Controversy on the Street
going viral
Image by Viewminder
A man named Ki Suk Han was pushed to his death off of a subway platform in New York and a photographer named R. Umar Abbasi photographed the incident.

There’s a lot of rage being directed at Abbasi right now for not rescuing Han before he was run over by the train.

I have personal experience with a situation like this when I shot a brawl on the street in Chicago.

The photographs went viral and on flickr alone they were viewed almost fifteen thousand times in one day.

Both Abassi and I were heavily criticized for our actions in those incidents.

Both incidents were spontaneous… fast and instances where life or death could have resulted from a snap second decision ‘in the moment.’

I was approached by the media to sell these shots.

I declined because I wanted to retain my anonymity.

Abassi sold the shots because that’s what he does.

What surprises me the most in a situation like this is the rage directed at the photographer and not the people doing the violence.

Both Abassi and I had the presence to capture a crime in progress.

Both of us were attacked by people who weren’t there and could never do anything more than to ‘armchair quarterback’ our actions.

A man was murdered and Abassi created evidence of that crime.

All anger and rage should be directed at the man who murdered Ki Suk Han.

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