How To “Go Viral” For Internet Marketing Fame And Glory

Every online marketer, who knows what viral means, dreams of putting something out there that goes insanely viral. Not all marketers try to do this, but naturally it’s highly desirable to be the source of something that millions of people like, and pass along to their friends, reTweet, etc. Your business can instantly get a shot of traffic adrenaline from viral content. Of course, nobody knows an exact formula for creating viral content. The crude blueprint is to try to make some kind of content that astounds people, and then promoting it as much as possible. It’s not so terribly unusual to see strange, or unknown, products that can become viral. So how do you make it happen for you? Great – so let’s discuss some methods you can put to use that could help your content become a viral traffic generator.

Use tags with everything you produce. Tagging is not only for blog posts, either. Static website pages – you can place meta tags on all of them. The purpose of your tags is to help your information be put into the places, and that will help build a bridge between your content and the people searching for it. Your benefit from this can be more traffic, popularity, and possibly higher rankings. So if your rankings improve, then you’ll become more visible and possibly go viral.

Forget about advertising your products. Readers and viewers can spot an advertisement from miles away. It’s highly unusual for sales copy to become viral. True though, your product could become popular, but there are almost always other reasons for that. Try sharing about your interests, or self, rather than pushing products/services onto people. If you want people to give you their attention, avoid coming across like you’re just making another sale. Just leave the selling to all your marketing devices on your website.

Get involved with communities of interest to you, online. Find and join forums that are relevant to your market, and do some blog commenting, as well. Discover what the bigger picture is within your market, and try to become a part of it. People will take notice of you if your contributions are significant and helpful. Most of the time you can link back to your business on blog comment forms and forum signature file links. You will develop a positive reputation if you try to genuinely help others, and one day something you create could become viral.

Going viral is much more than just the content of something, it rests very heavily on the ability to immediately capture and keep attention. As you well know, it’s not just the content that produces a viral effect. If you give these common sense guidelines a shot, your chances of something good happening will only get better.

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