Exactly why a Podcast is Just As Excellent As a Viral Clip

There is a lot of talk about movie marketing and viral movies today. While I have no problem with video, there is far excessive emphasis on viral web videos. A minimum of as far as marketing your info and training products goes.

You ‘d be better off with a podcast than a viral video! Okay, that’s a lot more controversial than I usually get. It’s almost as bad as my statement that self-help gurus really need to learn ways to produce products initially before they teach it! I think I much better explain. The first one, not the 2nd … I’ll leave the latter to other posts.

Why is a podcast simply as good as a viral web video? To respond to the last concern initially– a viral video clip is a video clip that has gone viral, Duh! To go viral ways that the product (movie, audio, blog site, eBook, whatever) has actually so touched the reader that they start forwarding it to their buddies.

It’s seen by a lot of people. Some of whom might click through and examine out your website, where you can collect their e-mails and engage them in a conversation.

However, that’s also why a viral video clip isn’t as good as a podcast. A viral video is seen by a lot of people– once! And just once! It’s a trend that will in time burn down. Think of the last viral video that you viewed. Who was it by? Unless you just watched it just before you started reading this article, chances are you’ve already forgotten. Viral videos have no staying power. Without repetition, little is gotten by each viewing.

Viral web videos focus on amount over quality. Be seen by a huge number of people and at least a few will click through to your website. Podcasts on the other hand are duplicating items.

As a result your sales portion and opt-in percentages will both exceed that of a viral clip. Podcasts are more than just a traffic device.

Of course, absolutely nothing is preventing your podcasts from going viral. Due to the fact that a podcast is repeating by nature, you will see less of a loss in your sales and opt-in percentages.

Lastly, there is one huge advantage to a podcast. A lot of movies are limited in length. YouTube just permits a maximum ten minutes of movie. Podcasts can be as long (or as short) as you want! So you can say more, inform more and offer more.

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okay, i’m just being frank … or johnny or joe : AIDS and corporate corruption like chevron who even now proclaims “human energy” as their agenda , ad, muni subway train station, castro, san francisco (2013)
going viral
Image by torbakhopper
so any of you who know me know that i kind of carry a little bit of shock and awe over the AIDS/HIV war started back in the early days. i was, after all, only 12 when the horror of it descended on my adolescence. i understood what gay meant and i identified with it at the age of five. homosexuality was just starting to gain public acceptance back in the late 70s.
our creative forces were huge.
and they went under full attack.

i’ve written extensively about this war [see examples below] and the media lies and the official corruption and hatred and genocidal outlooks which have been hidden and distorted so that any semblance of truth can be discarded.

i’ve written about how apartheid was used to trick the world from knowing that a ravaging virus had been unleashed on the black population with biblical proportions.

this time, i’d like to write to you about round #2

round #2 is drugs.

and here’s the deal — there are new drugs which keep the body from getting sick.

these drugs are currently in test use with sexual active gay men all over this city who have signed up for the trial because they have a greater chance of exposure to HIV.

the drugs bring HIV levels down to a containable level and the viral loads drop to undetectable.

this means that the body is no longer recognizing the virus as a disease and it is not over-compensating toward dysfunction. the virus assimilates and finds a personal space inside the "body" to be contained and content as long as the drug remains present to control the virus’ ability to replicate.

what it also means is that this drug could do at least two radically different things on a spectrum — one, it could induce a huge world outbreak of some loathsome concoction that had been allowed to gestate and replicate inside people. this could be the groundwork for a genocide of massive proportions.

or, two, more optimistically, it could cure humanity of many of its viral and non-viral ailments and protect us from external contaminants — colds, allergies, flus, etc.

but the real question is, should this "experiment" be allowed to take place on such a massive level since it will be conducted by the same people who manufactured, introduced and allowed this exact same disease to spread unchecked through african and homosexual communities?

should we trust them again?

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