Creating Viral Content Is Easy When You Know How

What immediately pops into your mind with the word: Virus? Did you remember a time you were sick? Or, more predictably if you are an internet marketer, do you think of content that is talked about, popular and attention grabbing? Viral content is content that gets talked about and passed around without any help from the creator. No additional marketing is required by the creator. What you have here is… online word of mouth advertising. Ask any online marketer, they’ll tell you they would love to have something like that happen to them. This type of traffic volume will give most marketers severe bandwidth overage charges. So if you continue reading you’ll learn some nifty hints and ideas to help make this happen in your business.

When you produce content, always assign tags to it when you put it out on the net. Blogs are not the only places where tags are used. You can add meta tags to every web page you create. Tags tell search engines and properties like Technorati how to classify your work and make sure that it is seen by the people who will appreciate it the most. It’s not hard, and the pay-off will be more popularity, traffic, and possibly rankings for your pages. So if your rankings improve, then you’ll become more visible and possibly go viral.

Forget about advertising your products. People know that trick and see it coming way before it hits them. It’s highly unusual for sales copy to become viral. True though, your product could become popular, but there are almost always other reasons for that. Try sharing about your interests, or self, rather than pushing products/services onto people. Trying to make money is the fastest way to be ignored when your goal is to go viral. You already have marketing/advertising and selling devices on your website, so just let them do that job.

Here’s a sneaky and cheap stunt… act like you’re completely clueless and idiotic about a subject. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you can always come out and admit to being half an idiot about something. Naturally, there’s nothing wrong at all with asking for help and telling people you don’t know. People are not always easy to fool, and they’ll see that you really are clueless or ignorant, and they’ll comment in some way, or offer some kind of help. You could also just pretend to be an idiot and toss an ignorant opinion or two into your work. Desperate internet marketers do this all the time. Just make sure you can live with yourself if you resort to this tactic.

Who knows how many internet marketers spend a very long time working on something they hope will become viral. It’s never possible to know beforehand if something will assume a viral nature, or not. The best way to increase your chances of going viral is to consistently create good work and then consistently promote that work as well as yourself. Your efforts will not pass unrewarded, aside from anything viral happening.

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Viral Tag: Canyon Lake with a side of vaseline
going viral
Image by kevin dooley
(Explore) I’ve been tagged! As you’ve probably seen, there’s a viral game going around called "tag" in which when you get "tagged", you (a) post the fifth picture from your fifth folder on your computer–whatever the picture is, and (b) select 3 (or 5?) contacts to tag.

This gem was from my fifth folder in the folder which happened to contain shots from a "trashcam" (the HC2000) with vaseline on the lens. If you can’t tell this is a lake in the Arizona desert.

I’m going to tag Salvatore Piermarini, artdambuster, and kreyten.

The Tag group is here:

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse – Going Viral

Raquelle attempts to out-perform the hottest thing on the Internet – cat videos. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.
Video Rating: / 5

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