Can a Viral Marketing Youtube Strategy Work for You?

When you think of viral videos, what do you think of? They are ordinarily amusing or moving, and have universal interest. They are the ones that folks pass along, again and again, to all their friends and family. The video of Susan Boyle, singing on “Britain’s Got Talent” is perhaps one of the most viral of all the videos ever prepared and it certainly put lots of money in her pocket and the pockets of the producers of the show. There is a lesson to be learned here – how can a viral marketing Youtube strategy work to benefit you?

Well, you aren’t Susan Boyle, so you can disregard about going up on stage. But, you can still design a video that is viral and generate some hits. A viral marketing Youtube strategy should really be part of your total marketing strategy if you choose to target nearly all folks as rapidly as possible.

Again, for the most part, viral videos are either humorous (“Charlie bit my finger!”) or touching (“The Last Lecture”), so that is a good spot to start. If you are marketing a product that has some sort of “how to” feature to it, then make a video that shows your product in an amusing and exciting way. People may not be that excited that they email it to all their friends, but if it starts to get hits, then you are on to something.

Other ways to create a viral marketing Youtube campaign is to design a series of videos. By offering a fresh video each day or each week, you will bring people back again and again – much like a soap opera on television. Keep folks individuals coming back by not quite giving them everything they hunger for or need – leave them hanging! You can without doubt make videos marketing work for you with a small bit of exertion.

Viral Marketing Youtube is a great addition to your marketing efforts, but you need to learn the skills needed to make it work for you and to grow your business to unlimited potential. If you aren’t generating 30-50 leads per day, then, you need to learn the secrets here Viral Marketing Youtube Secrets .

Decapitation, Nunhead
going viral
Image by tubb
Mamiya 7ii, Ancient Tri-X, Mamiya 65mm f/4 L

This is just down from the rather splendid Angel which was the frame before this. Interestingly that snap went all viral in the disturbing teen goth community on my Tumblr which amused me greatly. Do check out the names of the other Tumblrs in the "notes" , I assume they’ll grow out of it.

On reflection the two-for-one deal of the cross *and* the Angel does result in all the style and grace of a teasmaid. Victorian grief was deep indeed.

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