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Are you trying to find the best video viral agency to work on your campaign? Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

1. The first step when choosing from hundreds of video production companies is deciding exactly what type of videos you need and how you want to use them for fulfilling your viral marketing goals. Do you want animated videos, for example because they tend to go viral? Then you should limit your short list to video agencies specializing in cartoons and animation. The great thing about motion graphics or animation is that there is no need for casting or locations–which means that you can have a viral video done for a low cost.

2. Choose a viral video agency whose style and manner or working matches yours. Look through the agency’s work. Do you like their style and approach? During your consultation meeting, ask about how they do projects, their turnaround time, and any limits to editing passes or changes before final delivery. Finally, ask if they can help you make your video successful. What steps will they take to increase the likelihood of the final product going viral?

Remember to stay away from video agencies that do not produce the type of work you are looking for. For instance, if you want funny animated videos, go to an agency that has a team of writers and illustrators who have produced such videos before. If you hire the wrong team, even great video ideas will fall flat.

3. The best viral video agencies can help you with everything, from concepts to production to distribution. Some agencies only provide creative ideas. If you need help in integrating your video into your marketing strategy, then you should hire an agency that can help you to forward your agenda.

4. Take a look at the agency’s past work to get an idea of how viral and share-worthy their videos are. Check the comments, the number of likes vs. dislikes, and the number of shares. Check if their videos were mentioned on top websites, blogs, and other publications. If you want a video that has a high potential of going viral, don’t hire an agency whose work is predictable and unmemorable–bland videos that will only bore your audience and cause them to tune out.

The bottom line is, you want an agency that has quite a number of viral videos under its belt. The best viral video agencies have years of more experience in determining what ideas work and what don’t because of their active involvement in the video marketing process.

Sunny Arora CEO of Broadcast2world started its company in November 2009 with the passion and belief in the concept of animated marketing to be the next revolution. Its 2013 and we have delivered 1500+ Great Animated Videos leading the industry by numbers and high quality standards.

gone viral
going viral
Image by Payton Chung
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Going Viral - Episode 1: Pilot

A gang of morally-bankrupt misfits attempt reaching fame on the internet, despite their numerous fails every week.

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Based on the short story by

Music by
Al Smith

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