Are You Using These 5 Viral Marketing Strategies to Market Your Business?

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy similar to “word of mouth.” It’s where you get others either talking about your products and services or sharing something you have created.

Although there are many ways to make your business go viral, here are some simple strategies you can use to start building a viral marketing campaign for your business:

1. Either create or buy an ebook you can give brand.

Creating ebooks is easier than ever, especially if you use free software like Open Office. All you have to do is write up your ebook and then convert it to PDF. Write something short and sweet that relates to your products or services and give lots of great tips.

Start giving it away to your visitors. Not only is this a way to start a viral marketing campaign for your business, you may also build your list. Make sure you tell your visitors they can give away your ebook.

If you want to increase the chances of your free report going viral, purchase branding software. What branding software does is it allows those who download your report to change custom links within the ebooks to their site links or affiliate links.

Others are more likely to give away your report when you give them a good reason, like a chance to make extra money.

2. If you know how to do web design, create some website templates to give away.

One advantage to this strategy is that it also allows you to build backlinks to your website. Put a link to your website in the footer of the template. Let others know that in order to use the template, they must leave the link in place.

3. Write articles.

Articles are one of the easiest marketing strategies to make viral. Everyone loves good content, and there are millions of webmasters on the internet looking for content for their ebooks, websites, and ezines.

Post your articles to as many directories as you can. Also, make them available to article lists like the ones on Yahoo Groups, and you’re more likely to have your article published more.

4. Create a video.

Videos are a hot internet marketing technique. They’re really addictive. Internet users watch millions of them every month.

Watch some of the videos on You Tube that are related to your topic. Which ones catch your interest? Use what you learn to make your own videos. Videos are easier than ever to make because there’s tons of free software out there you can use.

5. Add a tell a friend script to your site.

A tell a friend script is a script you put on your site so that others can recommend your site. Two examples are internet marketers Mark Joyner and Mike Filsaime. They have both used this technique to help them get millions of visitors and earn millions of dollars.

To find a tell a friend script, just do a search in the search engines for “free tell a friend script”.

Every bit of marketing your do may help your business go viral. Try these tips and start building your own viral marketing campaign.

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Zadi Goes Viral
going viral
Image by stevegarfield
Viral on Veoh has a new show open and Zadi is in it…

Very cool.

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