6 Unique Ways To Use Video To Make Your Sales And Referrals Go Viral

Did you know that the sales of Blendtech, a small company that makes blenders, increased by over 700% all thanks to their viral video? The video showed how the blender can grind almost any new gadget that comes into the market from the Apple iPhone to the iPad! The sales of the product is said to have grown 7 fold in just two years. Other popular examples include the Old Spice viral video that boosted sales for its company.

Whatever the product, there is enough testimony that making a sales video go viral will promote sales manifold for any company. What does “going viral” mean? It means that the video produced by you will be distributed and shared by the people who watch it with others. This in turn gathers mass audiences for the video and consequently the product, making it a great way to market almost anything!

Sure-fire Techniques to make a Sales Videos Go Viral

People are increasingly turning toward videos to find not only entertainment, but also information. With this change, it is only natural that sales videos, when aired online, can go viral instantly, depending on quality of the advertisement. Here are a few unique techniques to ensure that your video goes viral:

Keep it Funny: Viral videos make it big because they do not contain pure, hardcore information. They are made to be funny.

Time Limit: Unlike television, people will not look forward to watching full length features or documentaries. What they need is quick snippets of information that does not bore them. Plan work according to this. Make ads a few minutes long or if it fits within a few seconds, say thirty, that’s even better. Remember, people look for short, sweet and funny.

Pace: Make sure the video is fast paced with a lot of jump cuts. Put in different angled- camera shots or even splice in segments. The bottom-line is that you should keep things lively and captivating.

Home Videos: Sales videos do not necessarily have to be professionally made. Some of the most watched TV shows and videos are home movies. Try incorporating the same style to market a product. Making it realistic will only add to the viral effect.

Video Promotion: This is something different and often overlooked by newcomers in the viral video business. Video promotion involves purchasing advertisements for your clips, which appear when certain keywords are used in the search engine. Doing so will help more people find your video.

Follow Up: Keep posting content continuously to increase traffic and help make a video that takes your sales viral. Newer content that is refreshing and funny will make sure that people come back for more. The worst thing that can be done is to keep the space stagnant.

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