3 Steps to Creating a Viral Marketing Program

A viral marketing program is easy to create. Does this sound like you? Probably not if you are here reading these articles. It is funny, when you set out to create a viral marketing program, you think to yourself, “this isn’t so bad”, yet, when you sit down to make a game plan, it all falls apart. Even if you get past the game plan, implementation sometimes seems a fruitless attempt.

So how do you overcome the big viral marketing program beast? You take it one careful step at a time. It is best to break the viral marketing program down into steps where it is then easier to manage. Looking at it as a whole can be overwhelming, but following the steps below will work out just fine.

1. It is first important to know what group you are targeting. Do you know your target market? Just as in traditional marketing strategies, a viral marketing program online is just as tactful. Although there are some distinct differences among traditional and online marketing, they still have the same base.

First off, a viral marketing program is going to allow you to reach many more people than a traditional marketing campaign. Like the word of mouth concept in a traditional marketplace, a viral marketing program allows the same concept, just to a larger group of people.

2. Understand the different social niches. If you have not heard of MySpace by now, you have a lot to learn. It is one of the biggest social networking sites online. Almost everyone, including those who normally wouldn’t look like they knew, knows about Myspace. This concept portrays a large group of people that get marketed to every second they login and not even know it.

When first taking on Myspace or Facebook or even Digg and Delicious, it is important to keep in mind they are a vast area. You will not be able to cover the whole area all at once nor will you ever be able to reach everyone. This is why viral is so important. Drop your brand in a few ears and watch the bug run around.

3. After you have created some buzz, follow up and keep it fresh and new. The best thing about a viral marketing program is the fact you can renew it almost instantly. Why? Because there are millions of people that have not seen it yet. Moreover, if you switch it up a little, the people who saw it before will recognize it again and this time might pay more attention or even click the link. You will continue to build a brand while creating repetition and fresh views and ads.

Do not get discouraged when you are starting your first viral marketing program. It can be challenging, unlike you might have thought at first, but in the end, you will develop a brand you will be proud of. Never rush an idea and be sure to read more information include in this post.

Fredi Donosa is an Ezine expert as well as a qualified adviser for those interested in Internet Viral Marketing opportunities. You can learn more about Fredi and read additional articles on this topic at his website: Visit http://www.FrediDonosa.com

A Fishy Life
going viral
Image by MSVG
I will be starting a youtube series (not sure if I will post it on flickr) very soon called "A Fishy Life". This clip is just a tidbit of the opening scene (still uncut and low quality). It’ll be very Finding Nemo-like with voice over and such and a story line in each episode. Any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on "fishy" names? Any feedback would be appreciated :)!

My hope for the series is for it to go viral :)! Who knows! I am partnered with youtube and need to start providing some content or I may lose that partnership.

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