3 Steps to a Successful Viral Marketing Strategy

In order to get anywhere in life, you have to take steps. Most of the time, you will start off with baby steps and then graduate to larger steps. This is the process that most undergo when learning how to create a successful viral marketing strategy. Unlike a traditional marketing campaign, a viral marketing strategy can be very different and have more flexibility.

What is most notable about a viral marketing strategy program or campaign is the amount of people you can reach. Being that the tool is the internet, your brand will be able to reach millions more people than you would if you kept it local. Opening up to the world opens your brand up to many endless possibilities.

Just as the local market has niches and cliques, so does the online world. The online world is much like the world we live in, just extremely compact. It is a win-win situation when you have social networks that have a concentrated amount of people from different age groups to different cultures. Not only do you get to hit home, you get a grand slam worldwide.

The best way to create a successful marketing strategy is to target the market you are going after. On most social networking sites there are many options to select when concerning contacts. For example, on MySpace, you can select age, ethnic background, how close the contact is, etc. This can really narrow down a target market and make it extremely attainable to create a viral marketing strategy through. The key is to figure out, by research, what age group and background your target market falls into.

After you have determined your target market, make sure you cater your branding effort toward them. Make your brand speak to the specific group and make them feel compelled to click on your ad or respond a certain way to your marketing efforts. This takes time and careful skill. It is best to have a pilot run in a controlled atmosphere to see how people in your estimated target group respond to it.

Try viral email marketing. This is not as standard as it once was. Email marketing has seen a sharp decline in the past years. This is due in large part to spam mail and unwanted mailing lists that people find them on. If you are able to attract a person to your site, entice them to sign up for a newsletter. The newsletter will be sent by email. This is an acceptable and notable way to still do viral email marketing. In the newsletter be sure to include relevant and useful information so the reader will continue to look for your newsletter.

Utilizing multiple tools to get branding across is essential. It is extremely necessary to create a viral marketing strategy that is cost effective, high return, targeted and useful. To further information obtained in this article and to learn more, please see the extra links provided.

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Miranda July at Modern Times
going viral
Image by Steve Rhodes
She said climbing a ladder in high heels is just the kind of thing her mother worries about.There were many, many people.

She read from her collection of short stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You (which has a great website – she said she had to make it simple since she paid for it herself. It was he r first experience with viral. She sent and email to five friends. By the end of the day 5,000 people had seen it, and soon 500,000) .


One of the stories she read was This Person


another was was the Man on the Stairs


There is a recording of her reading it, but I can’t get the real audio to work



She said when the tour is over, she’ll finish the script for her next film which is based on her performance, Things We Don’t Understand and Definitely Are Not Going To Talk About.

There also will be a book out on the fall featuring the best of the online project she co-curates


Modern Times


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