3 Elements To Advertise With Viral Video Clips

If you’ve always wondered how you can get more traffic to your site then you may want to advertise with viral video clips. Many companies are just starting to advertise with viral video clips and finding out the power behind them. If you’ve always been impressed with websites that could produce mass amounts of traffic and sales then you will want to look into viral videos. It doesn’t matter what type of product or service that you sell because any type of video can go viral if it has the proper elements.

What Type of Elements Should a Video Have?

If you’re going to advertise with viral video clips you’ll want to be able to combine comedy and information to get a great video. The comedy is the key element in keeping your viewers interested in the video. It will also make them want to pass it on to their friends and family because they thought it was funny. The information will allow your viewers to become interested in your website, products, and services. It’s important to choose the correct information in your video though. You want to have information that is relevant to your business.

Your video should also be the right length. The timeframe of the video will help keep your viewers from getting bored and shutting it off. A good viral video will last anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes depending on the content.

What Are You Trying to Advertise with Viral Video Clips?

It’s important to identify what you want to advertise with viral video clips. A viral video clip can be made for anything however to become popular it will need to have meaningful content. You’ll want to take some time to plan out your video. Although the video won’t last very long it can leave a good or bad impression about your business in a very short amount of time.

The Final Element of Your Video Clips

The final element of your video clips is the actual spreading of it. There are many ways to go about spreading your video. You can choose to host them on websites such as YouTube or you can choose to spread them yourself through email or chat clients. No matter which way you choose to spread them you should also spread them via word of mouth to your family, friends, and neighbors. This will help create a huge jumpstart with views on your video as the people already know you.

When you decide to take action to advertise with viral video clips you’ll want to start by spreading the video in as many places as possible. The only way your video can go viral is for you to get it as much exposure as possible!

*Remember that when you advertise with viral video clips that you should include a link in the video or in the text to direct viewers back to your website. If you have no way for viewers to get to your website your viral video will be ineffective.

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K-7 Viral Tour 357/365
going viral
Image by viking_79
Went to a Pentax USA K-7 Viral Tour, sort of a grass roots marketing effort by Pentax in the states. They brought nearly their entire selection of lenses. I was like a kid in a candy store.

The DA* 55mm is really a nice little gem. It is smaller than the Sigma 50mm f/1.4, and a beauty to use. This is wide open at f/1.4. I just upped the exposure by 1 stop in post processing as the camera went a bit on the dark side with these shots (probably due to the very bright light behind my head).

The DA 35mm Macro is really a sweet little lens too. I thought people said it was slow focusing? It flies end to end on the K-7 (this might be a slight exaggeration, but it isn’t slow) and had no trouble locking focus on a poorly lit object.



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